Sunday, October 30, 2011

truth is, im sad !

harrggghhh!! eh2 jgn takut.. sese ni. im still alive. im not a ghost!
my current situation make me be like a ghost.
im faker now.. hidup yg cmplicated. i try to balance.

lg baik dduk dlm kubur dri menyusahkan org.. teruk betul kau ni.
hurmm im really sorry to every person
big sorry to you.
especially to my parent and u, syg.
i need to change my attitude, my life, my emotion and all over
nk jd mcm ni terus terusan pon xboleh.. i have to move out from this sorrow.

hurm just like i said Sometimes people just don't understand.
for temporary i would say yes.
wake up sese ! wake up.. back to normal.

p/s : nanti ble aku da kembali pada hidup yg normal. xde sape yg boleh dominan lg !!