Thursday, December 22, 2011

the conditions

it's rainy outside !
oke, i'm early today coz i have interview this morning
today i'm feeling 50-50 whether i must go or not, coz my mind very tangled -__-
but i've no idea currently.. just follow wat have been determined. btw i'm not ready for this interview

after 1 hours..

i'm done 

the interview was great.
btw i never knew that company.. wat kind of service they have ?
actually it's event & advertising company. sounds good ya but i did not put 100% confident to this company
coz i don't want that "pisang berbuah 2 kali" haha adehh'
just be prepare.
next week that company will give me on job training.. adehh mcm2..
if pass.. i will be on shortlist. and standby for the second interview with top management. 

at the same time, i wonder.. whether i had enough knowledge ?
enough skill ?
owhh totally not enough.. i need to find ways to improve myself.
*hangat2 taik ayam la kau ni, prove it lar.

btw, my cat already pregnant ! haha

p/s : prove it and u will satisfied !

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