Tuesday, December 27, 2011


oke tomorrow will be my on job training.
hey, what was that? ntah la aku pon xtau.. 

check jap.

On-the-job training (OJT) is one of the best training methods because it is planned, organized, and conducted at the employee's worksite. OJT will generally be the primary method used for broadening employee skills and increasing productivity. It is particularly appropriate for developing proficiency skills unique to an employee's job - especially jobs that are relatively easy to learn and require locally-owned equipment and facilities.

oke now da faham sikit.. so, everything will be happen this morning, just wait and see..

i must be there at 9.00am until 6.30pm ! owhhh lamenye -____-"
wish me luck !
semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan ku, amin..

p/s : attend for second interview, be prepare sese.

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