Thursday, February 23, 2012

ants have found sugar.

finally, i'm back again. huhu !
whoaa seems like i have something to share ? yeah2 !! 
i just want to say the wheel is rotate ! syukur alhamdullilah :)
what i'm feel, more better than yesterday.
i can take a deep breath with a smile now :)
but i know, this is only for temporary and i need more effort to achieve what was planned.

thank a lot sayang because u always be part of my soul.
thanks for ur patient ! for ur spirit ! for ur advice.
i'm the lucky one to have u ! yeeehaaa :)

haha they were growing up !
sometimes make me headache, angry, tired, hopeless and whatsoever !
they really mean to me. truth is, they calm me even naughty :)

p/s : u define ur own life, don't let other people write ur script | whatever ur circumstance, there is a way through it.

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